Full-Length Poetry Books

Simple Machines (winner of the Washington Prize), The Word Works, forthcoming 2016

I Might Be Mistaken, Word Poetry (an imprint of WordTech Communications),  July 2015

Poetry Chapbooks

The Circus of Forgetting.  dancing girl press, November 2013

The Verge of Thirst, South Dakota State Poetry Society, December 2013 (as one of four winners of the “Four Quarters to a Section” Chapbook Contest)



American Letters & Commentary 20, Spring 2009:  “Gone,” “Fortune Teller Redux”

Barrelhouse 4, 2007:  “Aubade with a Quincy Jones Biography on PBS”

Best New Poets 2009:  “Thought Makes Everything Fit for Use”

Blackbird (forthcoming November 2015):  “Shelterbelt,” “Coffey Still”

BlazeVOX, Fall 2010: “We Can Definitively Report that We Have Not Released Man-Eating Badgers in the Vicinity,” “Other and Unspecified Misadventures During Medical Care,” “Sonnet of the Spontaneous Combustor,” “The Circus of Forgetting,” and “Theories of Sculpture.”

Blue Mesa Review 17, 2005:  “This is how the Mesopotamians imagined the afterlife:”

Epicenter 7, 2004:  “On the Occasion of My Sister’s Fall from Her Horse”

Faultline 16, Spring 2007:  “Summer Night, Houston”

Indiana Review 26.2, Winter 2004:  “Scabies”

The Journal 38.4, Fall 2014:  “Namesake Elegy

Midway Journal 9.1, January 2015: “And No Machine Can Have New Ideas

Natural Bridge 18, Fall 2007:  “Anniversary Weekend”

New Orleans Review 37.2 (2011) :  “Ratchet,” “Klein Bottle,” “Leyden Jar,” “How Simple Machines Work”

Painted Bride Quarterly 89“The Frankfurt Kitchen”

Passages North 32.1, Winter/Spring 2011:  “Dolly Shepherd and the Scientific Method,” “Lauds,” “I Run Errands by Myself,” “How to Bake the Famed Cushion Cake, Requisite for Bridal Showers and a Favorite of Our Staff”

Prairie Schooner 82.1, Spring 2008:  “On Earning My Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge,” “Combo, Per the Norm,” and “Hircine”

Salt Hill (forthcoming fall 2015): “Moving Bodies Through Direct Contact”

South Dakota Review (forthcoming):  “Wedgwood Porcelain,” “Birdwatching in the Central Flyway,” “Sh Cotton,” and “To Those Who Post the Story of the Girl Killed by Her Dresser”

Sugar House Review Fall/Winter 2012:  “Cento:  Instinct, by Lester Del Rey,” and “Wheel & Axle”

Tahoma Literary Review 2.2, Summer 2015:  “Office of Disease Prevention”

Tinderbox Poetry Review 1.2, Fall 2014:  “Strand Beast

Western Humanities Review  66.2, Summer 2012:  “Archimedes Screw,” “Diesel Engine,” “Ferris Wheel to the Fun House”

Creative Nonfiction

CutBank 76, 2012:  “Lithiasis”

Oh, Baby! (forthcoming anthology):  “Schrodinger’s Pregnancy”

The Collagist 63, October 2014:  “That There Would Be Better Pornography

Short Fiction

“And All Night Long We Have Not Stirred,” in the anthology Exigencies.  Ed. Richard Thomas.  Chicago:  Dark House Press, 2015.

Scholarly Essays

“The ‘Eternal Spoilsport’:  Negation and Myth in Szymborska’s Monologue of a Dog.”  A Book of Rereadings Two.  Ed. Greg Kuzma.  Lincoln, NE:  The Best Cellar Press, 2008.


American Book Review 28.3, March/April 2007:  “Golden Eccentricity:  Three, Breathing by S.A. Stepanek”

Drunken Boat 15:  “The Rind of Thought:  David Lespiau’s Four Cut-ups

Drunken Boat 20:  “Mistaken for a Churl:  Lucie Brock-Broido’s Stay, Illusion

Drunken Boat 22:  “SOLO TROPE:  O, Heart, by Claudia Keelan

Gulf Coast 18.2, Summer/Fall 2006:  “How to Obtain the Girl-Scout Badge for the Avant-Garde:  Lara Glenum’s The Hounds of No

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