Work You Can Read Online


And No Machine Can Have New Ideas,” Midway Journal 9.1, January 2015

Coffey Still,” “Shelterbelt,” Blackbird 14.2, Fall 2015

Friday Night,” Waccamaw 17, Fall 2016

Namesake Elegy,” The Journal 38.4, Fall 2014

Office of Disease Prevention,” Tahoma Literary Review 2.2, Summer 2015 (p. 131)

Strand Beast,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal 1.2, Fall 2014

“The Frankfurt Kitchen,” Painted Bride Quarterly 89, Summer 2014

Wankel Engine,” Rogue Agent 8, November 2015

“We Can Definitively Report that We Have Not Released Man-Eating Badgers in the Vicinity,” “Other and Unspecified Misadventures During Medical Care,” “Sonnet of the Spontaneous Combustor,” “The Circus of Forgetting,” and “Theories of Sculpture,” BlazeVOX, Fall 2010


That There Would Be Better Pornography,” The Collagist 63, October 2014

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