“You are as feral as I”: Lucie Brock-Broido’s Stay, Illusion

“You look so straight-laced,” the Aberdeen, SD, poet Pen Pearson once said to me.  HA! I thought.  In my back pocket, I had an e-mail from Lucie Brock-Broido, who wrote to me after I reviewed her latest book Stay, Illusion, for Drunken Boat.  In the e-mail, Brock-Broido said, “You are as feral as I,” which, if I were the kind of person who got a tattoo, I might put somewhere on my body where I could remember it forever.  I am straight-laced enough that I don’t have any tattoos.  Or, I want to go incognito among the straight-laced.

For today’s review and assignment, I’ll link to my review of Stay, Illusion:  http://issues.drunkenboat.com/db20/reviews/mistaken-churl-lucie-brock-broidos-stay-illusion-barbara-duffey

Your assignment:  Write a poem with the word “inarguably” in it.  Of course, you will probably find yourself writing about something that IS arguable, which will add contrast and texture to your poem.  Think of being boastful, of infusing your poem with false confidence.

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